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Resume Templates for Microsoft Office

CV templates to download, impress the recruiter, get interviews, get hired.

Resume Templates for Microsoft Office

Download the latest models and styles of resume templates for Microsoft Office, and you’re set in minutes. If you are a job seeker, applying for a job can be a stressful process alone. Using a resume template for Word can save you time, put you in the right direction with a pre-designed layout to work on, and give you that professional look and feel that will facilitate receiving a call back for a job interview. These are all resume templates for Microsoft Office (Word), so they are easy to use. Every single element can be edited, colors can be changed as per one’s preference (several color variations are included), you can add or remove your candidate photo, and perform any actions as you would do with a MS Office Word file. Select the Word resume template of your choice and you’re all set, you can download it instantly after purchase. Once you have added your details and work experience, you can also save as PDF if you wish.

Do you need a professional resume template?

Absolutely. As many of us may appreciate, modern times can be very challenging and competitive when applying for a job. Several qualified applicants out there, so it goes without saying, a good presentation is crucial. A professional resume template is your first step to land that dream job you always wanted. That perspective company doesn’t know you, so it’s all about presentation, isn’t it? Right, you surely need to list on your resume some strong skills and achievements that should match the job description you are applying for. However, better stand out from the long list of resumes with no personality. A professional resume template can help your perspective employer to locate you, and present you as the professional candidate they are looking for.

What are the advantages of a modern resume template?

Just imagine, any average recruiter receives a full stack of applications, tons of them to screen each by each, short deadlines to find a candidate, all this while fitting the daily schedules. Sounds like hell, doesn’t it? Using a modern resume template is your best bet if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. A modern resume template can catch the attention of the recruiter, as it’s better presented, well organized and pleasant to read. After a long day at work screening so many resumes, which resume will the recruiter remember at the end of the day? The modern and professional resumes he run into.

Should you use a creative resume template?

Some people believe that creative resume templates should only be used when applying for positions that involve the use of creativity, such as positions in marketing, advertising, media, and so on. That is surely true and can definitely make sense. However, a lot depends on what we consider to be creative resume templates. There are definitely many resume designs out there, some look very creative, some get a bit funky at times. We like to think that our resume templates will give the impression of being creative resumes, but only in terms of modernity, without getting too extravagant.

What is a functional resume template?

In general, a functional resume template is easy to use, or in other words, user-friendly. It should provide properly structured layout and sections, as well as enough room for the user to fill in the information. Also, it should effectively displays all the career achievements and information, so that the recruiters/employers will easily find everything they are looking for, at a quick glance. The design and layout are fundamental; a well designed resume template will accomplish these objectives. So in short, a functional resume template can be considered as such when it’s easy to compile for the user/applicant, but most importantly when it displays information well for the reader/recruiter. All our resume templates are designed with these criteria in mind.