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Resume Templates

John Wright Resume Template

John Wright Resume Template


  • Instant Download
  • File Format: Microsoft Word .docx
  • Layout: 1 Page or 4 Pages (incl. Cover Letter + References)
  • Colors: Black (or create your own)
  • Icons: 675 Icon Pack included (view here)
  • All elements can change color
  • Add/remove a photo
  • Add/duplicate/remove sections
  • Suitable for all professions

Package 1: Page 1 only
Package 2: 4 Pages – incl. Cover Letter & References

The John Wright resume template – timeline retains the elegance of this specific design and of the other resumes of this collection named accordingly. With its wide black header, this sleek resume template grabs attention while providing you with a professional appearance. The peculiarity of this timeline resume template is the way the candidate content and information is displayed, in a timeline form. Package 1 includes the first resume page, where the sections “Work Experience” and “Education” have a prominent position and are chronologically displayed, along with a stylish line, the timeline. The most important candidate “Top Skills” are also displayed here, to give them relevance and be available at a quick glance of the recruiter. The “Work Experience” section, even though displayed in timeline form, can be customized just like the other sections, and it is possible to extend it to be full page if one needs to add several work instances, while keeping the chronological style. Package 2 also includes the second resume page (“Training & Awards”, “Skills & Languages”, “Interests & Hobbies”), and also a Reference Page and Cover Letter, all matching in style. All those sections can be again customized to be anything needed. For example “Training & Awards” could become a supplementary “Work Experience” or continued work experience from the first resume page. “Skills & Languages” is a helpful section for those candidates willing to show anything that can be assessed by the measuring bars. “Interests & Hobbies” is a section that can be renamed, removed, or customized with some of the 675 icons that come included with any of the packages. The icons could also be used next to the resume headers, whether one would like to change the existing ones, or create new headers. This is a creative resume template that is flexible, just like all the other MS Word resume templates from this collection.

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