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Resume Templates

Full Collection – Resume Bundle
at the Price of 2 Resumes!

Full Collection – Resume Bundle
at the Price of 2 Resumes!



  • Full Collection
  • All colors
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Lifetime Free New Templates
  • Lifetime Price Locked
  • Lifetime Priority Support
  • Icons: 675 Icon Pack included (view here)
  • Instant Download

All resumes, all layouts, all cover Letters, all references – in all colors.
All Resumes Included

The Full Collection – Resume Bundle is a great deal, only available for a limited time.

It offers several advantages:

  • Full collection, all colors. This package includes ALL the resume templates, types and models present on this website. You will be able to download all pages available for each design (page 1, page 2, cover letters, reference pages), in all styles, in all colors.
  • Price of 2 resumes. That’s right, the price of the full collection is $49,90 only (for a limited time). This is the price of 2 resumes, package 2 type – $19,90 x 2 resume templates and you get all the perks.
  • Wide choice. Perhaps you like more than one design, so why be restricted to only try one. By purchasing the full collection you’ll have a wide choice of resume templates to pick from. You can start compiling one template with your information, see if you like it, if not you can try another one – or all of them!
  • Lifetime new templates. Not only you’ll be able to download all the resume templates from this collection, but you will also be able to download all the new resume templates that will be released in the future. They will automatically appear under your account, ready for download, free of charge!
  • Lifetime license. Your license will have no expiration. You get access to the full collection of resume templates today, you will be able to download the new ones, forever.
  • Lifetime price locked. Even if the price of this resume collection will go up, you will always have access to the full collection for the price you originally paid.
  • Lifetime updates. The resume templates in the collection may get updated from time to time, to keep current with new Microsoft Word releases, bug fixes, etc. When you purchase and download a resume template, you’ll be always able to download the latest updated versions in the future, for all the templates.
  • Lifetime priority support. Users purchasing the full collection get priority support. If you will have any issues when compiling the resume template of your choice, you can write to the support team and you will always be assisted before regular users. This applies not only on your first purchase, but also if you’ll go back to work on your resume the future. By purchasing the full collection you get lifetime priority support.
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