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Resume Templates

John Alexander Resume Template

John Alexander Resume Template


  • Instant Download
  • File Format: Microsoft Word .docx
  • Layout: 1 Page or 4 Pages (incl. Cover Letter + References)
  • Colors: Black (or create your own)
  • Icons: 675 Icon Pack included (view here)
  • All elements can change color
  • Add/remove a photo
  • Add/duplicate/remove sections
  • Suitable for all professions

Package 1: Page 1 only
Package 2: 4 Pages – incl. Cover Letter & References

The John Alexander resume template – full width is a great example of an elegant black and white resume template. With its great look, this modern resume template will introduce the candidate in the best professional manner to the perspective company. Package 1 includes the first resume page, where the “Education” and “Work Experience” sections are presented. The candidate photo – which can eventually be removed if the candidate prefers not to have one – stands out at the top at a very first glance. Right under the photo, the recruiter can find the two most important contact information, such as the candidate’s telephone number and email address, at an easy reach. The position of the contact information was carefully designed to be prominent within the design and header area, representing a kind invitation to get in touch. Right under it, we can find a few lines of text that can be used as a “Bio” section, or for placing some important statement that the candidate wants to be immediately available within the resume. If needed, the “Bio” section can be removed to give more space and relevance to the other “Education” and “Work Experience” sections below, which could then be expanded. A few icons were inserted next to the resume headers and the contact information, as a final design touch. Those icons can be replaced with others, if one prefers, since a 675 icon pack is included with this resume template. Ultimately, the sleek top and bottom black stripes open and close the overall design of this professional resume template, by giving that professional touch that is remarkable. Package 2 includes the second resume page (“Training & Awards”, “Skills & Languages”, “Interests & Hobbies”), and also a Reference Page and Cover Letter, all matching in style. You can customize all sections, for example the “Training & Awards” could become an additional “Work Experience” area, or “Internships”, or anything that you can list by date. The “Skills & Languages” can be anything that can be measured by the measuring bars. The “Interests & Hobbies” can become any area to presents concepts visually, through the use of the 675 icon pack included. In conclusion, this is a stylish resume template for MS Word not to be missed. Needless to say, another top seller of this collection.

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