4 Reasons Why You Should Use Resume Templates

The job market scenario

The job market is very though and competitive these days, recruiters receive lots of applications, sometimes more than they can actually handle. Therefore, they need to make decisions quickly. As a result, applying for a job can definitely present a candidate with a number of difficulties, and some steps need to be followed in order to keep up with the recruitment process until successfully landing the job. The very first step is preparing a resume to be presented to the perspective employer. There are many benefits and advantages while using a resume template:

1. Modern resume templates catch attention

Using a modern resume template can come very handy. Recruiters have some serious amount of applications to deal with and to read through. It’s not always easy to make it through the end of day when they have to read so much information on different resumes, select the most interesting candidates, make calls to arrange interviews, and sometimes even make time to meet the candidates and carry on the interviews in person.
A recent study showed that a resume has an average of 6 seconds to catch the recruiter attention. Right, that’s not a lot, and you need to make sure we are making the most out of those 6 seconds! When you download one of the modern resume templates available on the internet, you make sure you catch the attention of the recruiters during those very few seconds when they open your resume for review and consideration. Depending on how deep you search on the internet, you will find Word resume templates that look very modern and professional.

2. Resume templates for Microsoft Word Office save you time

There are different resume templates formats for download out there, and it’s not always easy to understand which format is the most easy to use. Some resume templates for Photoshop can look pretty, but they will require you to edit them in Photoshop. Not everyone has that software, but most importantly, not everyone is a designer or has such skills. It can take a long time, especially if you need to learn those skills, before you can draft your final resume template in Photoshop.
Using a resume template for Microsoft Word Office will certainly save you time. The resume templates for Microsoft Word Office are much easier to use. Almost everyone has the Microsoft Word Office software installed in the computer, and there are some trial versions of this software that you can download from the Microsoft website. Designing a resume template in Microsoft Word Office is an easy task, that almost everyone can do. You just need to fill out your information within the Word resume template, and you are all set. Most of Word resume templates and layouts are designed with hidden tables and text boxes, so that you can organize or move the content around with small effort, and little to none design skills.

3. Professional resume templates make an impression

We need to assume the perspective employer doesn’t know us, yet. And it was already explained above how many anonymous applications are received for each job positions. Using a professional resume template gives you that professional look that you need to land the job. This is especially true when you apply for a job opening in a formal environment, an company with thousands of employees, or a multinational. All these organizations are probably looking to hire the most professional candidates out there. When you submit a professional resume template for your employer consideration, it’s probably your best bet to make that GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION, and present yourself in the most professional manner.

4. Functional resume templates organize your experience

Not all resume templates are convenient for all purposes, that’s why it’s always best to pick a functional resume template based on your specific needs, or in other words pick a resume template that is functional for your profile. If you go through different resume template styles you will notice there are different types of resume templates out there. Depending on the resume template style you choose, it will display your information in a slightly different way.
If you have a long track of records and a strong work experience, you may want to pick a chronological resume template. It will display all your work experience instances, showing no time gaps in between them. On the other hand, if your work experience is more fragmented, and you need to highlight your personal skills, and life achievements, you could rather use a more creative resume template. It all depends on your goals, and what is the message you want to convey, when you choose a functional resume template.
It could be a good idea to draft all your information on paper first, or type it out in a Word document, so that you have all information in one place. Secondly, based on the position you want to apply for, you could carry on a selection of the most relevant information for that position. Thirdly, pick a resume template that fits your needs and organize your information in the best manner.