Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

A Resume template for Microsoft Word is one of the fundamental elements and a powerful tool while searching for an occupation. Using a well-crafted resume template for Microsoft Word, along with a targeted cover letter can be the winning factor in the race to conquer a job.

Creating a resume from scratch may seem a simple task, but it’s¬†certainly not for everyone. In order to produce a well-designed, effective resume you may need to refine your best designing skills. Not everyone has such skills, or the time to start such a task, and that’s when using pre-designed and professional resume templates for Microsoft Word could be your best bet.

After all, if we want our resume to be effective it is important to use well-constructed and structured models and keep it up-to-date.

On Office Resumes, thanks to the support of great experts in Human Resources, you can find a number of resume templates for Microsoft Word available for purchase and download. With their modern yet classic style, suitable for every need and profession, you can download the resume templates for Microsoft Word, adapt them to your needs and use them freely.

Our resume templates are designed to be used with Microsoft Word (.docx), and they are very easy to edit. You can use them as any other normal Word file. This means you can edit any part of them, including the colors, the fonts, and of course the content. Usually they are designed and built up by hidden tables and text boxes, therefore with a bit of effort you can change the layout as well.

For sending, we recommend converting them to PDF. This is an integrated feature in Microsoft Word, you just need to select “Save As”, and select the PDF format to have your PDF resume template within seconds.